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  • 7+ years advertising and marketing experience
  • 28 years old
  • Art director, Designer, Photographer

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  • studied marketing & graphic design
  • 4+ years digital advertising agency experience
  • 3+ years marketing and design experience
  • 1.5 years freelancing

I’m Peter Franc, a freelance digital creative, interested in doing solid, inspiring work that generates great results.

My strength is in the earlier stages of projects - conceptual development and design, but I don’t shy away from flash development.

I enjoy working on-site, as part of a great team or taking ownership of a large project.

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I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia by European parents. Working with computers since DOS 5.0 days, I’ve been a creative geek at heart, gaining influences from the world around me.

I spent a year in Berlin after finishing my studies, picking up basic design work, before coming back to secure a long-serving role at NetX’s new Melbourne office, working extensively with the Sydney mothership. Years later, we moved to Clemenger BBDO, and I soon decided to continue my career in the freelance industry.

I have since worked at a large variety of agencies, both large and boutique, for clients great and small. Most of my ‘spare’ time is spent with photography, where my landscapes, portraits and wedding images have generated a buzz.

I’m available for freelance work, irrespective of location, and if the right permanent offer comes along, I’d like to talk further.

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From weddings to commercial work, there's elements of photography and design which are interchangeable - development in one spills over into the other. As a result, it's both a fresh way to give variety in my work, whilst still being related.

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