A little about me

Over the years I've embarked on many projects - some took off, and others didn't. Ideas float around, new acquaintances are made and soon remembering what is what becomes a challenge in itself. So here's Peter Franc dot com - a snapshot of some of the varied projects I've undertaken over the past 12 years.

Believe it or not, my childhood obsession was that of drawing, though I focussed on almost 12 years of piano before finding myself infatuated with the dingy school darkroom. It was here that my first big creative spike was nourished.

I have an interest in depth and breadth and search for this in everything from writing to photography to music. Texture, moods, abstract patterns - curiosity in all these things naturally lead to experimentation with ideas, but I have learnt, where appropriate, to ‘soften’ or commercialise’ ideas and products to meet requirements and demands. Whilst this may seem restrictive, finding this delicate balance is a form of art in itself, and integral to much of my professional design work.

Another aspect important to the work I produce is the perspective I have gained in my travels. With Travel Bunny as my companion, I have spent much time overseas and have found a respected appreciation for the curious blend of cultures that make the world go round. It's a tremendous source of inspiration, and one I try pass onto others.

I find my best ideas come when I'm focussed and centered. The process is much like entering a fantasy land, where losing myself in an ultimately successful project is the greatest reward. And it's fun.

Ok, enough waffle. If you'd like to email me, it's:

mail at peterfranc dot com