Travel Bunny hops wherever fresh carrots are found...

One day, while hopping in the meadow, Travel Bunny came across a sandwich lying in the grass. It was half eaten. He sniffed it and his stomach grumbled - it had carrot in it! So he ate the carrot and it tasted unlike any carrot Travel Bunny had ever eaten before.

He hopped around for the rest of the day. He chatted to some sparrows, layed in the sun, and licked his fur. In the evening it was time to go home. Travel Bunny talked to Knowledge Bunny and asked her why the carrot had tasted different.

Knowledge Bunny said it was because the carrot had come from a faraway land.

It was then that Travel Bunny decided to taste carrots across the world. So in 2005, Travel Bunny put on his best fur, and left on his adventure ...

Australia Hong Kong Norway
Cambodia Italy Russia
Czech Republic Laos Singapore
England Malaysia United Arab Emirates
Estonia Netherlands Yemen
Germany New Zealand Wales